Iowa - It's The Integrity, Stupid?

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  1. Please explain this:

    Obama 37.53; Edwards 29.88; Clinton 29.41
    Huckabee 34; Romney 25; Thompson 14; McCain 13%; Paul 10%
  2. I majored in American Political Science in my B.A. twentyfive years ago. But since 'Dubya' I have given up trying to understand politics in your country.

    It's like the entire country is poisoned with some wierd LSD type shit.
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    Very cool for Obama. And this country. Can't wait to see if it carries on in NH next week.

    Fascinating times we're living in here! One of the most interesting and important elections in my lifetime, fer shure!

  4. I'll second that hcour.:D
  5. Typical divided vote.

    62% of democrats voted against obama. Can not win an election like that
  6. LT701


    obama is the single most unqualified candidate I've ever seen

    A state senator as of 01/03/05

    and really, nothing but a candidate for president ever since
  7. His win for senate was helped by the withdraw of the republican candidate months before the election and Alan Keys was brought in to run against him.

    (Keys has many creative solutions with a sound moral compass but most Democrats are to under-educated to understand his principles)

    Only way for Obama to win is against a spilt vote...Just like the the way Bill Clinton won with a small minority of the vote.

    In a one on one vote neither bill or obama would win
  8. ====================
    The title of this news release-both sides of the coin & trader/investor poll

    Well frankly i helped Blair Hull a bit, but Obama beat him;
    so like trading, don't like to make predictions about either.Do like to figure probabilities.

    Trader 5287, don't know why Fred T did not do better;
    perhaps its something to do with ''General Custer'' unquote ,Custer[ last stand implication]were his campaign words today on CNN.

    Haven't written off Rudy, also, because Dr. Pat Robertson of CBN endorsed him also,personaly,not corporately..

    M Huckabee, well, America does have a Hebrew Christian foundation, so i understand & like him..And honestly some may
    say ,Well no wonder Obama won , Curtis Faith helped Obama financially,politicaly.

    But i think it may have something to do with your title;
    Obama has a lawyer background, but I & many think Clinton & Edwards are simply untrustworthy ,big gov lawyers. Cool:cool:

    Don't agree with all of what Rich Cohen writes, in,
    but like what he said about Romney, if Romney was a coin, he would be rejected as counterfeit. Amen as we say in Church.:cool:
  9. Murray, - tonight on Drudge:

    CNNUSATODAYGALLUP: Obama 41% Clinton: 28%...
    RASMUSSEN: Obama 39% Clinton 27%...
    CNNWMUR: Obama 39% Clinton 29%... MORE...
    REUTERSCSPANZOGBY: Clinton, Obama in dead heat...
    GOP: McCain 32% Romney 30%... MORE...
    Hillary recruits out-of-staters to pack rally...
    Edwards: 'The Clinton campaign has no conscience'...
    VIDEO: Hillary Heated Response At Debate...
    The Moment...
    Clinton: Obama Has Changed Positions...
    Obama Phoner Rips 'Hillary Clinton's Last-Minute Smears'...
    VIDEO, LUNTZ: Undecided Voters Rip Hillary in New Hampshire...
    MAG: Clinton Machine Shaken by Setback...
    Republican candidates in fierce foreign policy battle...

    Maybe the phony/fake candidates are unraveling - Hillary, Edwards, Mitt... ? Fred T. remains an enigma - he should be doing better here. Also, as you say -- it remains to be seen what Rudy does - though I think he comes across as mean and scary.

    Strange election.

  10. LSD = CFR
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