Invitation to see Tara & Jack Hershey trade against each other

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  1. Hi folks. Over the years there's been a great dispute about the true worth of SCT and Jack's ability to extract x3 and x6.

    I have accused Jack of, well too many things to go into now, but I challenged Jack to go toe to toe with me in a days trading challenge and he said, Tara, do your thing.

    So here we are, on the verge of watching Jack using all the amazing SCT tools to trade seamlessly and continuously.

    I will be using bog standard TA except I will be going for the reverse button a lot and attempting to come as close to my version of SCT as possible. Unlike SCT I will trade with stops, and trade from the opening bell until the close.

    You can read the details of my challenge and Jack standing up like a man(goodness I find that attractive) on the Technical Strategy thread.

    Anyway, I will be setting up a private forum for 100 ET members to view the days challenge. Only Jack and myself can post so there will be zero banter except between Jack and myself.

    So if you'd like to participate please say "count me in" and the 1st 100 will be given details when Jack confirms the date.

    I will publish the log on ET after the event for all to see the true power of SCT in the master's hands.

    Oh, I forgot to say - I think I'll whop Jack's ass :)

  2. I thought Obama had outlawed midgets wrestling.

  3. Pekelo


    I am known to have the ability to see the future on occasions and I say:

    Never gonna happen....(the trading contest)
  4. Will never happen everytime a fraud is challenged the fraud makes silly excuses.

    For example, Hershey, Puretick.

  5. It would be too embarrassing for Jack to back out after giving me the go-ahead.

    This will fly. Jack is a gentleman.
  6. stinger


    count me in:D
  7. Pekelo


    OK, the bet is on. I will consider myself the loser if this runs for at least 2 weeks....

    By the way, what is the length you had in mind???
  8. All I was planning on was one full day exhibition trading the ES. I think if I ask for more Jack will look for an out so I'm keeping it very simple.

    Also it means everyone can afford to take one day out of trading and watch as 25yo girl whip Jack's bad ass.

    I've been both ruthless and detailed on why I think SCT is a very basic incomplete method while Jack thinks I have "elected out of learning" and "out of a partnership with the market".

    Jack thinks he has the market mastered and I think he has elected to live with the trading fairys in never-never land.

    I consider one day sufficient for Jack to demonstrate live how the master can cull x3 or even x6 out of the market.

    And we will see if Jack is right about what I have elected, or if I am correct about what Jack and the SCT crew has elected.
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  10. Why in the world would Jack destroy his "franchise" by exposing it to the harsh scrutiny of the markets?

    Which implies that if "Jack" does take you up on your challenge you need a streaming audio component to verify it's really he who is doing the trading... something he shouldn't object to given all the camtasias he's done.
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