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  1. 1) As I'm trading more and more, I'm feeling almost inviincible, like I am the master of money, money is my bitch. I make her do what I want her to do, she needs to go outside and make ME money. The invincible feel is reality supported by my mastery of price action where I can know the long term direction of the market and drill the entry down to the MINUTE to a 0 risk zone. when I make the trades, I feel I really do have this world mastered in every single way.

    2) I've mentioned to a few girls I'm close with , the next few years, get prepared to some even bigger money and even bigger ego/attitude, hopefully I can contain it. I have a larger ego then most bankers mainly because I've been there and done that, making big money isn't new to me. Money is only the results of my persistent improvements to my game.

    3) I'm trying to balance out my bursting arrogance with just zen mode like zone, I try not to talk too much at clubs or during trades or during my focus times, in case I get to a point where I automatically beat the other guy down, physically , financially, and mentally.

    4) I'm trying to utilize the invincibility feel to fuel my aggressive conquest in the financial world. I'm trying to be the richest guy in my region.

    That or I'm eating too much ninja peanuts,.
  2. Fame & fortune, my friend. You have the fortune, or so it seems. Now, work on the fame...
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    Instead of asking for free psychological advice on an anonymous message board, maybe you could hire a shrink, that is, if you really do have all this money and can actually afford one.
  4. Good point, I'm actually shying from public view, I don't like direct attention but I do enjoy subtle attention. I'm already in the process of screening for bodyguards, flanking my back, have 2 incredibly beautiful 8's or 9's on my right arm AND left arm.

    Thats about the fame I really want, anything over that,
    I guess I only enjoy the position of being in power, not to be a service or autograph signer to the public.

    after reading your posts, I realized I've been trying to iron connections politically and underground connections subconciously.. I do want the power.
  5. fireplace,
    Back then I thoght I was master of price action, being sporadically profitable.
    But after 4 years of trading refinement, I'm extremely consistently profitable.
    Master , with a capital M.

    big difference :)
  6. thats to good news

    the bad news is this is your only skill and eventually you will be out in the streets competing for that Wal*mart greeter job along with Fireplug, who will probably get the job cause he's already looking.

  7. A Roller wouldn't only have cash as assets would he? Commercial properties, enough said. I rarely have to lift a finger to make money these days. Assets work for me.
  8. I've only see a few traders in my position (metal, $costavg- he's much older though - luv that guy though, praet ,lescor - grounded with family , rising hedge fund traders - balling with models and bottles ) , I would definately like to hear from people near my level on how they handle or go through such an arrogance of period.

    Espically from traders that are SINGLE (not grounded), how do you handle the final mastery of money?

    As money compounds, I don't view it as money anymore, Its my right hand,
    When I throw out my right hand, <b>dollars burst out.</b>
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    Denial is the stage before acceptance.. hang in there buddy, you're almost there.
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