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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by box, Apr 16, 2002.

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    box ran across this a few days ago, i could be wrong (happens) but it looks like Mult-level marketing has come to the trading world with respect to software. some sort of magic software that tells you when to buy when to sell (haven't heard that one before:)

    any users out there? looks to me like you sign yourself up, and then get others to sign up "below" you. on a positive note, it appears they encourage building teams of "investors".

    i do not subscribe to it, do not have any interest in subscribing to it, rather, just curious about it. hard to get into the site, as one must be a member to do so.
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    Read through some more of their website, seems more emphasis on building your group than what the software does. Shouldn't it be the other way around, or at least show the results of their software, ie: signals (buy-sell) with verifiable results? From what little I could see from the presentation, looks something like the BridgeData software that eTrade uses (ie: Marketcaster).

    Hilarious, indeed.
  3. "4/26/2001 - Purchased 100 shares of ANEN at 14.95 and sold about two weeks later at 19.28. "

    they bought at the exact low of 4-26-01 and gave up 5 points from the mid 20's to the 19.28...sounds like fiction to me, who wants to be my sponsor?
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    That's a good one, you bet they had one of the BIG 5 sans Andersen audit their results.

  5. amway meets wade cook loooool