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  1. luisHK



    Does anyone here have feedback on this broker ? They don't offer all the US based broker SIPC guarantees but seem to depend on Gibraltar financial authorities.

    I was wondering about execution as well and their agent on the phone said the are using major platforms, including IB's ??

    Does that make sense and is the money safe in their custody ?

    Thanks for all info
  2. moarla


    gibraltar is a major access point to CME (direct access point) like Frankfurt, because there are so many trader (no / low taxes)
    (more then in Frankfurt)
    that is all what i know....
  3. luisHK


    It is by all means useful info.

    Thanks !
  4. H2O


    Not really... There are a few of us around here, but definitely not as many as a few years ago...
    There are some BIG traders here though!

    With regards to the firm mentioned - my old trading firm used to be in the same building and I walked into their offices once to check them out. (Must have been about 4 years ago)
    Never dealt with them, so cannot give any other feedback than that they at least had a decent office location.

    The Gibraltar FSA is pretty strict as they are trying to get more business into Gib...

    For what it's worth... :cool:
  5. luisHK


    I guess I feel a bit safer now :)

    I'm waiting for a new pricing from them because it's far from competitive with US brokers. Any other broker you might advice in Gibraltar that offer platforms for world market and interesting fees?
  6. Trader5



    My name is Patrick and I work at Investors Europe in Gibraltar. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and I 'll do my best to help.
  7. luisHK


    Hi Patrick

    There is not much information about your company on the net, good to see you come up in this thread !

    Most questions I had were posted above, they are related to safety, execution and rates. I'm also waiting for one of you representative to email me back on those topics but feel free to add any input (although I don't know the forum rules for non sponsors)