Investors Withdraw $44bn from Hedge Funds But Some Strategies Benefit from Inflows(

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    Investors Withdraw $44bn from Hedge Funds But Some Strategies Benefit from Inflows(
    Investors pulled $16.43bn from the hedge fund industry in June, bringing year-to-date (YTD) outflows to -$44.61bn, said eVestment. According to June 2019 eVestment Hedge Fund Asset Flows report, overall industry AUM stood at $3.273tn in June. 57% of reporting managers had net redemptions, and the month capped off the fifth consecutive quarter of industry redemptions in June, said the report. However, that also means that in June 43% of managers had inflows or were flat. For hedge funds managers, this highlights the importance of having a compelling marketing and investor relations message that highlights performance, expertise and other elements that set one fund apart from another.
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  2. %%
    Too bad so many of them tend to do that @ bottom areas;
    all that + SQQQ is losing money this year.HEY they had a[SPY,QQQ] sell in MAY, but onward to higher highs, higher lows, higher closes. NOT a prediction, not long SQQQ + not long TSLA:D:D,
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    I'll admit that I just don't feel well-informed in this area at all -- with what I see going on around me (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA), I see these withdrawals as indicators of "Better_Things_To_Do" and not "Stuff_Cash_In_Mattress" maneuvers. Midwest real estate is *finally* moving somewhere, as opposed to the price-stagnant 90s and 00s. There are start-ups that -- while *I* see little more than fluffernutter in 8/10s of them, boy-n-howdy but they sure do attract the cash. And the angels and VCs that are funding these "disrupters" :rolleyes: are not listed/connected with larger scale hedges. Just "not." :wtf:

    So, no matter where it's going, it doesn't appear to me to be going into anybody's figurative mattress. Whether into real estate (Henry George fan here...) or start-ups or whatever, I think it's a good thing -- or at *least* not a bad thing -- that it's exiting hide-bound etf-fueled hedges. Would the selling/exits produce lower stock prices? *Possibly*. In the very short term -- 12months or less. Then the re-investment effects start showing, with cap.ex. growing, capacity growing, cap.ut. shrinking, labor growing, labor wagers growing, glory & riches for all.

    IMO. :cool:
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    Going to Family Offices and ETFs? Not mutually exclusive.
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    Burgeoning family offices manage $5.9 trillion: Campden

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    ZURICH (Reuters) - The number of family offices — companies that manage portfolios for individual families — has risen by 38% over the past two years worldwide, advisory group Campden Wealth said, with the firms overseeing assets valued at $5.9 trillion.

    “We estimate that there are now 7,300 single family offices worldwide, with 42% housed in North America, 32% in Europe, 18% in Asia-Pacific and 8% in the Emerging Markets of South America, Africa, and the Middle East,” research director Rebecca Gooch said.

    The biggest growth came in emerging markets, where the number of family offices rose by half over the period, followed by Asia-Pacific (+44%), North America (+41%) and Europe (+8%).

    The total estimated wealth of the families they work for stood at $9.4 trillion.

    The trend has been helped as the ranks of the ultra rich — people whose wealth exceeds $50 million — grow even wealthier.

    And as the wealthy target greater investment diversification and as business owners hand over the reins to successors, family offices are sprouting in financial hubs as well as emerging markets, including South America, Africa and the Middle East.

    Family offices offer a one-stop solution to managing the wealth of the rich, including investments, charitable giving, taxation and wealth transfer. Staffed by bankers, fund managers, lawyers and tax experts, some even provide overseas private schooling and travel arrangements as add-on services.

    Campden sees further growth in assets.

    “Given the rapid rise in the number of family offices globally, broadly speaking, the total assets under management will likely continue to grow,” Gooch said.

    Reporting by Michael Shields and Oliver Hirt, editing by John Miller and David Evans

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