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    Who else here follows this indicator?

    If we can only get a spike down to a -10 or under within the next couple months we will be able to set up for an actual rally again... There just isn't enough bears yet to get a real solid rally... We need bears! :D

    Retail hasn't capitulated... Come on capitulate you suckers! The EU is collapsing... Panic! Then once the supply spike hits the market and presses prices down... Price will start to rise relentlessly as supply and demand moves back toward equilibrium!!! :cool:

    I just noticed something... The newsletters are always skewed a little bulltarded... Even in the worst of times. People are such optimists!
  2. Another site that sells indicators. Yawn.

    Man, if I had an indicator that could predict direction I would be taking ES positions in the correct direction and buying myself a new sports car every few months.

    That one seems pretty unique, though:

    Seems to be a true sentiment indicator.

    Of course, the "independent investment advisory newsletters" they summarize are probably as worthless as all the rest (in other words, right about 50% of the time).

    Can't you also get this for free from

    Here's one from 6 days ago: