Investors "In Denial" About Severity of U.S. Slowdown

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  1. wow it has gotten to the point where i can read the thread title (without clicking) and i know it's either you or S700 posting.
  2. Awesome!

    100% down room completely at risk money bro! $$$

    (p.s. User name is listed next to thread title)

  3. not at
  4. Yes. It's just to the right of the thread title. "Thread Starter".

    Unless you mean that you just read the front page, and never venture into the forums, unless you feel the need to take cheap shots.
  5. some of your posts are fairly decent sometimes

    too many ...THE U.S. IS CRASHING threads though.
  6. blast19


    You must admit, having someone who is averse to the "100% up room to go" crowd is a necessity...otherwise we'd be like most analysts. :D
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    You can contribute as well if you like. Its simple, find an article or articles relating to something cnbc is telling you and post it. Too many bulls on wallstreet, seems like the so called "goldilocks" economy can do no wrong.
  8. S2007S


    Im unloading a bunch of articles on:

    Private Equity

    Excess Liquidity


    Yen Carry Trade

    And the Derivative Market.
  9. Can't do it, S2K.

    We can't post anymore bearish-sentiment articles from Baron's, The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg (those media bastions of the the leftists) - especially ones that quote or source economists, CEOs or even formerly bullish institutional money managers saying anything negative.

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