Investors Gone Only Traders In this Market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Wild action. Seems like people are just flipping this thing back and forth. I hope this continues for a long time. Much easier to read then normal market conditions.
  2. empee


    i agree, its all traders so many fake patterns setup then busted. Been happening for awhile so used to it (ie shooting star than it gets taken out 2-3 bars later)
  3. You think 3 million ES contracts Thursday and Friday were daytraders?
  4. Sorry. I was posting in real time. I'm referring to today. Thursday and Friday was institutional dumping. Today is pure trading.
  5. Bingo... they just hit me on another failed shooting star. I'm getting stopped out a bit too much today.
  6. I made money trading last week with SNCR.

    This week with prices this low, I am buying for investment. Long Lulu, waiting for MA to take a dive. Those are for longterm. When the market bounces back, will get in a few short term trades.
  7. Have you ever made a trade where you didn't get stopped out?