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    Hey Everyone,
    I have been using ibd profitably for a little while and I was wondering if anyone has experience w/ No BS please, just good or bad and why, and are the costs worth it?

    thanks in advance,
  2. When you say IBD am I correct that you have been using their newspaper profitably in your trading and now your wanting to know how their website is?

    If I am correct in reading into what your asking, I will be looking forward to the replies as I went to Investors.Com once and could hardly access anything without paying...which I didn't do at the time...

    If I read you wrong, then sorry for my post..
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    I'd also be interested to know about IBD's web service. Especially compared and contrasted to worden bros. service.

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    Slim--you interpretted my post correctly...
  5. Let me tell you something about IBD...the whole IBD not just newspaper.
    Its set up so that you cant just use one part of their service without subscribing to another part to get what you want. Look carefully at the entire IBD and you'll see what i mean.

    Im not knocking IBD...i use their "stock check up" but as an example....say you need to follow sectors / get the complete package for that part (Daily Graphs, Industrty rankings etc) it will cost you $1000.00 / yr not including price of subscripsion. You can get ALL that industry rankings and charts through for 9.95 / month....and Prophet has much better charts to boot!! not the out dated caveman charts from IBD.
    I like IBD...hate their subscription structure!!!
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    IBD and O'Neill have an enormous amount of institutional following for his service. When you hear an analyst speak of a "sector", they are usually referring to IBD's sectors.

    If IBD likes a stock, the institutions will like it and I am not nearly as smart as they are so I like it also.

    I have a friend who has made millions with IBD!!! Mostly swing trading. No pressure.

    Only a $1000 a year is very cheap!!!

  7. I like it and think the methodology is excellent but it does suffer in Bear market conditions as it is primarily for trading the long side.

    I should add that additional T.A. skills beyond what O'Niel teaches, will go along way to helping you with the selection process.
  8. I agree with the subsription structure, it's a headache to navigate the different product areas and subscribe to what you need and nothing else. Although the rankings and much of the info in the paper and website are very useful I don't believe much in the IBD investing methodology anymore. I think it's been hyped too much anyway. For starters, I don't know if you noticed but it's very rare these days that you can limit your risk to the 8% advocated by O'Neill. Stocks gap up HUGE on the CANSLIM breakouts. One thing that one forgets with this method is that often the breakout will happen on earnings and the most powerful breakouts are often seen in less than perfect "bases" often what could be a double top for ex. Who wants to buy what could be a double a top just before earnings?
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    Thanks guys, I had no idea the IBD website had that kind of fee structure. I can't understand why anyone would pick it over Worden now :p
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    I agree with everything you said, but I still think that CANSLIM as a foundation is wonderful. I think that most traders get caught up in wanting the holy grail, but not in searching for knowledge. A great example of this is that during the manic bull market of 1999 and early 2000 a simply 1-2-3 pullback method in an uptrending stock worked wonderfully. Many people made millions following it, but that was the extent of their market knowledge. They knew to buy three bar pullbacks when the high of the prior day was broken. Traders that took the time to understand why they are buying three bar pullbacks, and maybe even a step or two beyond that, why is this three bar pullback performing so much better then that one, are probably still around and doing fine. Those that only knew 1-2-3 buy are mostly not with us anymore. Its important to <b> understand </b> not just follow a "method" or a "stystem".

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