Investors Business Daily Seminars?

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  1. Has anyone ever done any of the Investors Business Daily seminars? There's one in Philly next weekend that i'm thinking of signing up for. Its only $99 which seems fairly reasonable if i get something out of it. I'm kinda new to this and was looking at things like investools but haven't really heard many good things about it and thought this might be more suited. I'm 20 and currently interested in the stock market/daytrading as a possible career choice and i think this might give me a look into what it takes to do well and the work involved

    This is what they say i'll learn:

    What you'll Learn:
    How to read the market
    Learn to use The Big Picture in IBD to spot key market trends
    See why you must always stay in sync with the general market
    See which Industry Groups institutional investors are buying and selling—and how that affects your returns

    How to Buy the Best Stocks at the Right Time
    Track the 7 traits of all great stocks to identify potential winners
    Learn how to use the screening tools in IBD and to identify leading stocks – and avoid the laggards
    Discover 3 common chart patterns that precede most major price moves
    Help improve your returns by buying only the top fundamental and technical leaders in the top industry groups

    When to Sell to Protect Your Profits
    Discover a proven sell rule that lets you be wrong on 3 out of 4 purchases and still protect your capital
    Avoid "freezing" at key decision-making points by using fact-based rules instead of emotions
    Help protect your portfolio using stock charts to spot red flags early

    It seems geared toward IVBD but from what i've heard, alot of investors use IVBD anyway