Investors Attack the Karachi Stock Exchange

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  1. does this signify a bottom?

    More than 200 people took part in the demonstration at the country's main stock exchange in the southern city.

    A number of windows were broken and at least two people injured, Reuters news agency reports.

    The protesters demanded a temporary closure of the KSE to stop further slides. It is down 14% since Monday and reached an 18-month low this week.
  2. "What is needed at this point, is aggressive action from the government to lift sentiment," Shuja Rizvi, director of broking operations at Capital One Equities, told Reuters.

    Or, investors COULD stop being stupid about leverage...
  3. zdreg


    probably.. some years ago when the markets were in the dumps they sacrificed goats on the floor of exchange. the closed end pakistan fund which was off 90% and was run by barton biggs of morgan stanley was closed down. the public received the discount that the shares were selling for. morgan stanley received the shares which in a short period of time quintupled.