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  1. I would like some feedback on the "Investorflix" service. This is a "library" type service that offers for $20.00US/month access to DVD/CD's and other resources that you receive in the mail, view and then return (postage paid).

    Anyone have any experience with this?
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    I'd swear several years ago they did this same thing but via internet download, no video just sound and a short downloadable PDF file.

    Linda Raske gave 3-4 talks about short skirts and the anti but I think they are mostly on her website now. I also remember listening to Tom Busby. For the 10 or was it 20 per month, it was more a diversion.
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    after 2 months and 6 DVDs of the low quality kind latter I see nothing of interest to keep me there.
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    As with anything, the value received is based upon ones perceptions and mine is that overall the service is good value for the money. I have been a user for a few months and have learned quite a bit from the materials presented. It is nice to view some presentations at previous TAG conferences. The biggest drawback to the service is that every presentation is on a separate CD or DVD which could be improved by placing multiple presentations by the same person on a single CD, however this would decrease their "library" considerably. The other drawbacks are you can only get about 4 CDs per month with shipping etc which makes the monthly cost a little excessive based simply upon the number of shipments. However if you base the cost upon useful information shared the cost is very reasonable. I have received several CDs that are unreadable and one DVD that was broken possibly in transit.

    I would suggest that you ask Melissa for a free two week trial as I did and make up your own mind. It is best to contact her by phone to achieve this as I recall they do not offer the trial any other way.
  5. Thanks for your replies. As with all things it's "Buyer Beware", but it's good to hear from those that have had actual experience. Thanks All!
  6. i subscribed to it . All it is are 1hr intro courses you get at trade shows for free. I thought they had DVD courses like steve nison for example. Its not worth it . I cancelled it .