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  1. I'd like to ask peoples opinion here. First I am in no way nor do I have any intention of advertising any services or products here now or ever.

    I would like to know what, from an investors point of view could a fund or investment manager could do to earn the investors trust? Obviously results count, but I am more interested in the logistics/setup of the fund itself. A small new fund doesnt exactly have much of a name to rely on. And with all the headlines on Ponzi scams etc, what could a fund do to have make it easier for an investor to invest in? Obviously independant auditor and admin are nobrainers.

    Any and all comments would be much appreciated.

  2. Don't gaurantee a certain return. I think many investors are on to this sales pitch (or should be at least).
  3. I was going to start a new thread but this seems relevant.
    I"m giving up trying to keep up with gamers who are better than I am at this. Too often my stops are hit from far off. Whatever the
    underlying reasons, I'm just not good at this and don't want to
    lose my whole damn account before I learn as I hear happens.
    Taking my money out and giving it over to a money manager whose interests I can only hope aren't at cross purposes to mine.
    Whereever a person puts their money, its a toss of the dice ...right? I'm fed up with being "the amateur who provides the money."
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    i would say most managers in the industry have pre-set formula... or rules of the portfolio.

    no trust on gaurantees like insurance against fraud from fund managers.

    FDIC no amount of trust can get your money back if the bank or fund lost all your money and declares bankruptcy.

    madoff even ripped off his sons. don't even trust your father.

    as for trading,how can you trust an industry that thinks trading against client is the norm. there is no integrity or honesty in this business. it's trader/investor beware even the SEC reports are lies.

    SEC, news media, market maker all on the payroll to take your money or con you into giving them money for selling you paper that they printed from thin air.

    the only money the market has is what money people give to the market. there is no money here.

    it's not possible to have 100% of trader/investors make money in the long run cause it's a zero sum operation.

    the market is eerily similiar to a ponzi scheme if 80% lose money in the end. the market like a ponzi scheme constantly need new money or new suckers to keep bringing in money to keep the con game going.

  5. Thanks for the replies guys. As for the strategy, obviously there are no guarantees, there's no way to remove that risk for the investor. And I dont think you are even allowed to 'guarantee a profit'. What I want to know is what could a fund do with its actual setup to build a clients trust? If you were an investor and you found an investment manager whose strategy you were comfortable with, what would you look at in regards to the fund setup? Or, what would you like to see?
  6. Investing most (all) of your liquid net worth in your own investment product.
  7. makloda, thanks. defintaley a good point.