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  1. I am in the process of checking out the demo version of Investor RT (hereafter known as IRT).

    I had some goofy behavior with the graphics and sent them an e-mail.

    Seems that IRT is designed to only work with small fonts. I have used large fonts since I have used windows and never had another application that didn't work with small fonts.

    I like large fonts and would be loath to change.

    My questions for others are these:

    Do you folks that use IRT all use small fonts?

    Does anyone use large fonts and just put up with whatever problems arise. ( like messages not fitting in message boxes )?

    Before I plunk down good money, I would like to know if this is a serious problem, or just an annoyance.


    Thoughts please.
  2. Ditch


    IRT is full of annoying bugs. At he surface it looks great, because it's packed with features, but the daily use is a PITA. i used it for 6 months and dumped it after that.
  3. What other annoying bugs did you find?

    Did the fonts issue bother you?

  4. Ditch


    Didn't notice that, bugs were numerous, the most annoying one was this: i used several custom indicators, until the bar completed they displayed a value of 0, so in first instance this might look you're close to a crossover, another one was S/R levels that didn't display correctly at infrequent times, scrolling charts was terribly slow, etc..I can mention another twenty but i guess you get my point.
  5. kempo


    Try posting @ the users group;

    When I started using IRT(when ravenquote closed shop), I had to change to small fonts as well. After a short time, I started to like small fonts:)

    I don't find the program buggy at all. The only feature that i have been fighting for and can't seem to get, is alarms in quotepage columns(alarm goes off once per column, not for each equity in that column).

    The more that I use IRT, the more I appreciate the program. If the trial winds up not being long enough, you can try the quarterly lease. I did that twice before I purchased the permanent lease.

    They have VERY responsive customer service and the users group is active.

  6. opm8


    Yeah, what Ditch said.

    I dumped it after my $49 ( for a f$%#ing trial license? :mad: ) expired. First of all I could never get the charts to update in real time all the while the QCharts feed was happily charting away in the next window. Second, when I clicked on a detail window the underlying one would pop up -- very annoying. Third, the market profile study, the reason I subscribed in the first place, was a total POS and not worth a bucket of hamster vomit. Lastly, the ridiculous price and the total non-intuitive feel of the app. And yes I detailed all these concerns with their customer service who was unable to fix a thing or suggest anything useful.

  7. Ditch


    Yeah, another example: i couldn't make a print of a MP-chart.
    Customer service reminded me of e-signal's: replying with stupid questions like: did you check the manual, did you download the latest version, blablabla. if you did the latter a couple of bugs were solved, but more new ones showed up in return.
  8. Duker



    I have also experienced the bugs which others have mentioned and they can be extremely frustrating at times. However, in defense of the software you will find no other program that incorporates customer requests as fast. This has at times caused the bugs. In the last year alone there has been more than 8 major releases and probably another 6 or 7 service releases that have incorporated new features too numerous to mention.

    I requested user defined custom real time groups with generated historical data and it was implemented. This is a feature that Neoticker is just now getting to and can't generate historical data.

    The screening speed is still by far the fastest surpassing Neovest, Neoticker etc.

    Bill Linn and Chad Payne the primary programmers have made a real effort to reduce the bug problem and have done so while remaining customer friendly. That earned my respect.

    Some of the latest features that will be coming out over the next few weeks you will find in no other software. I think an investment of $49 bucks is cheap insurance to make sure you are getting the right program for your needs.

    Just my 2 cents.

  9. I appreciate all the comments here.

    Anyone else who has something to say, good or bad, please weigh in. This is what this forum is all about.

    Thanks everybody,
  10. IRT is great tool. I got MP to work fine, even has multicolored letters now!!!

    I do things in IRT no other program can do! Backtestign is great to me. Don't even have to know any special complicated language like Ensign or Tradestation.

    There is now a users wish list with a few great ideas on it, like playback, simulated broker, and auto posting charts to web etc... so if they do those features even be greater!

    Many complaints I see on this thread maybe from poorest Qfeed.

    Oh well program is great and will help you make $ botton line.

    Good Trading


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