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  1. Hello folks: Thought I'd start a thread here so we can discuss Investor/RT by Linnsoftware.

    They are doing indicator a day series now and thought it would be nice to share that information with you all also.

    well a few links to get started:

    main page:

    tour master index:

    Indicator-A-Day Series:

    well tons of info on there pages. They offer an active maillist and a chat room which is open 24/7.

    Any questions please feel free to contact me or them anytime. I am just a long time user and love this program. It rivals Tradestation, and many others in my opinion.

    Mike____ :)
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    Well I am in an endless quest for the best charting solution for myself and my style of trading.. and I ain't easy to please! I am now trying a month trial of this software and so far I like it.. having travelled from nextrend to qcharts and into erlangerquote this is looking good so far to me.

    EQ is a bit hopeless in customer relations and feedback.. IRT is def promising and as I have signed up over the weekend it is pleasing to discover and active message board on yahoo and a chat room both of which were able to help me with teething problems getting started..

    Another thing I am liking is that it uses a variety of data feeds.. so if I get fed up of qcharts wonky data I can always try esignal of a few others.. I will keep anyone posted who is interested..

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    I'm interested, also giving it a free trail run. Q charts is finally making me nuts tho. Mike , if I interpert this correctly if I switch to E signal their (broadcast) data feed will allow me to scan the entire mkt. intraday with my chosen parameters as oppesed to just scanning quote pages in q feed's internet data feed. Is this correct?
  5. Banjo,

    If it were, eSignal would have to send you every tick on every symbol. This is some serious data. Then your scanner software would have to continually database this huge stream while continually performing queries on the data.

    A much better way would be for the data providers to house scanner engines(computers) where the end user (client) could load the scan formula to the data provider's engine (server). Your typical client-server model.

    Hopefully Scott from eSignal support will jump in and comment about the broadcast data feed.

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    Bull, the server-based search engine is only as good as the list of available tokens/parameters from which you sonstruct your scans.
    I've been using Investor/RT for quite a while to very successfully scan a nice amount of stocks realtime, using the scans I designed, custom indicators, etc... I think the word "scan" doesn't apply here. What I'm doing here is a real-time tracking, and testing for certain conditions to be met. If there's a stock that suddenly jumps on higher volume, on oversold stochastics, RSI, whatever else, I will know that in a matter of seconds. An alert will pop up, etc...
    Scan, on the other hand, requires user's action. You have to press that "scan" button, can miss the oppoortunities. Although, you can also schedule a scan from within InvestorRT.

    just my 2 cents
  7. Investor/RT, can, and I do scan on entire market 10,000 symbols on a end of day basis (EOD). It does this very very well and fast especially on indexed fields. Like price I can scan Price>10 on the 10,000 and get result in a few seconds!

    Scaning entire market intraday is another issue entirely. For one no internet feed can provide intraday data on 10,000 symbols live. Mytrack, Qfeed maybe ESignal provide top x lists of gappers, movers, % gainers etc... those lists could be imported into Investor/RT easily and then charted even get intraday data collected on them.

    Hope this helps you somewhat.


  8. I used long time ago esignal and was quite disappointed with this software and found it very buggy and last year I used qcharts which I found great.

    Now many people in this forum are talking about the new esignal and many are really praising it.

    Please could you tell me if this software seems really satisfying to you. Moreover, could you tell me how much intraday data does it offer. (3 months or less???)

    Thanks for the answers
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    Hi Mike,

    I'm new to Investor/RT and would like to do what you do--scan 10,000 stocks at a go. But how did you get those symbols into the software?

    I have a default 45 instruments (stocks) and the instructions tell me I have to type in the rest. I know you didn't do that, did you?

    My service is Dial Data end-of-day download. Any help or advice is appreciated.

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