Investor R/T vs. Ensign Windows

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bathrobe, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Help. They both look great to me. Pretty much the same price. I do like IRT Volume Breakdown study. Read all the reviews. Cannot decide.

    Using Infinity feed w/ iqfeed historical data.
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    Any freezes? anything
  3. Well, I've used both for extended periods (with IQFeed) and found both to be good. The market profile on R/T is much better than Ensign's, if you're into that. The "feel" of the Ensign interface appeals to me more than R/T, and Ensign's what I would recommend on balance. Not that that's much of a difference.

    As a side note, last September I took a break from trading and closed down all my services. When I came back in March, I ended up with Quotetrack. I've tried just about everything out there, and I can't think of any reason to pay any more for charting.
  4. I don't trade MP, so, I'm not sure my opinion matters but Ensign Windows is great. The Proprietary Pesavento Patterns Study alone is worth the price of admission!