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    I am a relatively young investor- 25yrs old. I have been a long-term buy and hold investor since I was about 16 years old. I currently work for a CPA firm and make several trades/week. I have about $75k in my account and shoot for profits of $750/week given the limited amount of time I have to trade.

    I feel with my accounting background (CPA) I do a pretty decent job of finding companies with solid earnings, cash flow, growth etc... My hope is to find a program that can help me develop a solid trading program for more day trading. Given the current economy I feel like my buy and hold strategy will continue to be profitable, but there are more trades out there that I could be taking advantage of.

    With a recent promotion I have much more flexibility with my hours/location of work. I plan on trading more actively in the mornings and then starting my "job" a bit later in the day. With all the noise out there promising "100% guaranteed profits" I was hoping someone on this board could help point me in the direction of a good book or online tutorial that I can use to teach myself some chart reading techniques before putting my $$ towards a new trading style.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Understanding All that stuff is really important in swing trading. However, when day trading or momentum trading where you are looking for smaller time periods. News, is more key than numbers. Unless of course, they are releasing earning in the very near term, or have just released them. Day Trading is more a feel game than a true technical game. You can collaborate just alot of different techniques in day trading, but the most successful day traders that I know have a great "feel' for the immediate sentiment of the stock.
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    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I guess it is just a matter of time and watching the market on a more short-term basis than I have in the past. I feel like going on emotion and intuition may lead to a bit riskier approach than I am hoping for given my time constraints; however, it is a solid point and I appreciate your comments.

    I still hope to find some worthy material on using charts and more technical trading patterns so any advice would be much appreciated. For now I will continue my buy and hold strategy until I have some time to really practice and learn some short-term trading strategies. I have day traded in the past, but lost more money in a few months than I had made in a year just going on hunch and emotion. Perhaps it just takes time to develop the correct timing, but like I said would appreciate any technical trading advice that is out there.