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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by marthanyc, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. Since I'm in Alexander Elder's list, I just received the big announcement for the following convention in Vegas:

    Is anyone from this community going to attend? I look forward to catching up with a few of you again.

    The hours for this expo are long...from 7:30AM to 9:00 PM. I've come up with a few suggestions for dates, but if anyone else has other ideas, please initiate a suggestion. I've already booked my first-class web fare ticket thru I'll be there the night of the 4th.

    I would recommend that we meet in Paris at the Brasserie, a restaurant-bar offering the only outdoor seating on the Strip. :cool:

    I feel our get-together at the Trader Expo went well. I agree with was the BEST part of the convention for me, too!

    Thanks again to Don Bright for buying the first round of drinks!

  2. Bob777


    Has there been any plans for an EliteTrader get together at the Vegas Expo next week? I'll be in town.

    Hopefully this year I'll attend the class that I'm signed up for (Linda Raschke's live trading). Being coherent at 6:00 am in Vegas will be a first for me. :)

  3. mbg


    $49 to hear Linda - sounds like a bargain

    It's about time they made it more affordable
  4. Even though we (Bright Trading) are headquartered in Vegas, we never bother with this show..the "wrong" crowd (mostly retirees and mutual fund types, not traders).

    I do think that it's great that you will be getting together with some traders, however. And any excuse to come to Vegas is always nice!

    In any event, give me a call when you're in town!!

    And, yes, I will be more than happy to buy the first round of drinks!! :)