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  1. Has anyone used this program online? Why is there so little posted about this place? I saw the info in person, it makes sense, the program is really easy, just not sure if it's any different from Esignal or anything else out there. It looks to be more "plush" and the GUI looks more "stupid people" friendly. Good bad or otherwise.

    Some one say something, forking @2Gs for the same thing is not what I'd consider a "good" investment.

    I have my monies in the normal things, 401K , little mutual funds, no stocks held (waiting to see what tools I feel comfortable with), CDs, Roth IRAs, ING. total excess cash flow is @20+ with $4G saved a year for "playing" with retirement. I'm 32, married, and don't spend alot.

    Alot of the moves in the meeting was stuff I've seen before, so it wasn't all new. Some was, but not all. And no, I don't do this for a living, I barely do this at all. I'd want to if the cards look right.


    Investool, good or bad.
  2. extproxy


    Investools is a complete ripoff. Don't pay them the big bucks. You can buy their courses off of Ebay for 1/10th the price.
    The strategies they teach didn't work for me - specially the one they teach in options trading.

    I highly recommend instead.
  3. TinGull


    I'll second that. Sure, INVESTools got me interested in the game, but they show you NOTHING that you can't learn here or from some serious book reading. Am I pissed that I spent the money on the small program? Yes, very pissed. They're all about the sale as far as I see it.