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  1. skoot


    I recently attended a 2 hour seminar or sales pitch as the case may be for a program called INVESTOOLS.

    I am new to the world of investing (real new) and this thing seemed like the answer to a prayer. Then the cost hit me!

    At first they wanted $3000 to learn how to access their site, then $50 a month thereafter. I declined and a week later I got a call offering the program for $2000. I googled the program and saw people talking about a $1000 version.

    The program looks good but I too much of a novice to know the difference between a good program and a hole in the ground.

    I would appreciate any information someone more well versed in the field can offer.

  2. Yes, please do a search on Investools and read the many posts about them.
  3. zxcv1fu


    They are like other training service. The free seminar makes trading sounds easy & magical. After u buy the first class, they they will tell u more $$$ training, service & subscription are needed cause trading is not so easy to be successful.

    It is like hook u up on drugs, never finish:eek: