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    Anybody have any experience with this company?
    I've been looking at a number of software packages, wizetrade, esignal, my brokerage firm has some, but of all, I really like the software Investools has.
    Enables you to do the fundamental and technical analysis all in one package.
    Price isn't too bad, 3k for the software and 2 days of product training.
    Yes most of the tools that they offer are out on the net in some form or another, but they've put together a pretty good package.
    BUT, and here is the big but......
    The salespeople are really pushy.....more than any other company I've seen out there.
    I agreed to purchase their package.
    Specifically I told the saleman I would have money in my checking account on Tuesday. Transferred some funds from my brokerage company to my checking account, would take a couple of days to clear.
    Well, yes I was stupid to give them my account number when I bought, BUT, I did tell them to wait and I would call when the check cleared.
    Heard from my bank. Between Friday when I agreed to purchase the software and Tuesday when the funds were cleared, Investools kept hitting my account for the funds, 23 times!!!!
    My bank suspecting fraud cancelled the debit card immediately but they kept at it. Somehow they managed to get not one payment from my account but 2!
    Sounds like fraud to me.
    Anyhow, I'm pissed, my wife is pissed, and even though I still believe they have a good software tool, at this point I feel they are a little sleezy. Seemed at first to be reputable, but that salesman really screwed the pooch. I'm going to cancel my order outright.
    So, anybody have any experiences with this firm, good, bad or indifferent?
    I'd really appreciate the feedback
  2. Do a search for Investools as this has been brought up many times.
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    A friend of mine knew that I had been trading for a number of years and wanted to learn the ropes from me. I loaned him some books and answered questions for him. Then one day he decided to go the quick route and signed up with Investools. After that he kept getting calls and during his initial traing with them he said they just ignored you if you didn't give them another 20K for the options package. Their stock selection is basically just done using moving averages anyway.

    I think you are better learning to trade on your own. You will still pay a tuition for this in losses but everybody does that. With Investools you will pay twice. My opinion, anyway...

    Good Luck
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    You can get refund from them.

    This company & some others like Wade Cook will tell you the initial training is so great until you bought it. Then you need this tools & that trainings for many thousands more. It is like hook on drugs.
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    This is what I have heard as well. I think I have heard that if you take the PhD package with everything it comes to about 40K and that is before you even place a trade. That is some high tuition.
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    Just a follow up to Investools question. I have taken three courses through them, basic, advanced technical analysis, and options up to level 5.

    Bottom line if you know nothing about trading they have very good courses. However, it comes at a price, believe Phd they call it, is 30k. This takes you all the way through ever course with technical support for a period of time. Sorry don't know how much time.

    As far as what their website offers it's ok. For searches some of this can be done at various other sites. As far as technical indicators, they turn on more as you learn and take more classes, more classes mean more $$$$$.

    If you want every technical indicator you heart can desire use Tradestation. If your computer savy you can even program Tradestation do back test strategies. Like Investools red and green arrows based on MACD, Stochastics, and 30 day ma and see for yourself if it really works.

    So if you know nothing about investing they are good, don't know of any other training like them.

    However, as one of their trainers told me, find a trader better then you that's making the kind of money you desire and ask if they will mentor you. That's what I did after getting the basics from Investools. Worked for me.

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    I have found they are useless to me & it is very painful to listen to their covered call strategy since I do not think it is a good strategy. They did not explain clearly that it takes a long time to learn trading.

    Free education links:

    Better choice for option education to learn to limit risk first (price is right since most are free):

  8. I cant believe people are spending 30k to learn the basics. Better if using the money in trading and learning from mistakes. 30k is too much money to learn the basics. Seems like investools is the latest fad for the lazy. I guess people got tired of trend trading to win and optionetics.
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    I think they sucker people in with that free seminar and then for JUST 3K you can be doing this. All of a sudden they keep adding to it until you have paid 30K and still don't know how to trade. For 30K they better get you a job on Wall Street.
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    30k is a complete course in Investools, takes you all the way to level 5 option training. A basic course is about 3k. Unless there is something else out there which I don't know of Investools isn't bad to get you started. imo

    However, if you want to do it the hard way with no coach you can always buy the book, "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, by Edwards & Magee, 8th edition, 700 pgs. Best dam book on stocks and market trends. imo


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