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  1. andyp


    Has anyone had experience with a package called investools? Business Week is selling a 2 day training and access to the software. Any good?
  2. fader


    i just saw a tv commercial for it for the first time last nite - a middle aged woman smiling as she stares at her laptop in the kitchen and saying she is so happy she can work from home and do her gardening any time she wants to - that is such foul advertising - even mutual funds have to say investing is risky... - these people have a guy bragging about 40k he made without displaying any warnings (unless perhaps i missed the small print) - i wonder how many moms and pops get suckered into this.
  3. i went to their free workshop promoting the service and software. i didnt buy into it.

    the charting service can be found on business week website. (with little red & green arrorws)
  4. sowterdad


    If anyone has actually used /and backtested the Investools system, I'd like to find out their opinion.
    I know nothing about trading programs - (I'm a struggling part time swing trader-)-
    Next weekend , I'm going to be meeting some local folks that have just recently started trying to apply it .I'm attending out of skeptical curiosity.
    One of the programs proponets is a retired broker that recently signed up because it supposedly offers time saving features he looks for in his trading- Researches and qualifies financial as well as TA information in a tidy package that generates green buy arrows and red sell arrows to make it as simplified as possible . He asserts that he presently spends a lot of time trying to get all the 'qualifying' information before he makes a trade- He was thinking the cost of the initial program would be worth it to him in time savings.
    I think the base program starts at 3K plus add-on programs (Saw on Ebay a seller of the product claiming they had spent a total of 20K on the PHD course). WOW! It ought to be pulling the weeds in the garden for that .
    If anyone has any input on Investtools they can share- appreciated.

    Also, I'd be interested in any input on any other program that would be relatively simple to use that would include information on adding qualifying parameters on financial criteria- like increasing earnings etc as well as TA criteria.
    Thanks in advance-SD