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    Looking for the right tools for better trading technics. Is there anybody participating this program currently or in the past? Please share your experiences with me if it's possible. tks.
  2. Start by googling 'investools class action lawsuit'
  3. I don't know how things have changed since they became part of the TD Ameritrade family. I thought that much of the legal stuff was settled before the merger.
  4. I attended one of their introductory seminars for several hundred dollars. The content was underwhelming and much of the time was spent trying to get you to sign up for their big ticket education programs. For the money I paid I expected more training whereas their content was focused on education.

    Their education programs are expensive, self directed and focused on staging you to move on the the next level. They have several packages of bundled modules at a "discount" to get you to sign up for a large up-front commitment before experiencing the mostly on-you-own process.

    For me, it was not the right answer. Even though I have an academic bent, from a practical standpoint, I was looking more for "trade school" than "university."

    When they solicited ideas several weeks after the class was over on how to make the classes more effective, I provided the a recommendation from my experience as a project manager in industry. Whenever I proposed a large and expensive project I always broke it down into sequential steps. The first step was meant to be modest and provide sufficient returns on the investment to pay for itself and help fund the next step. It builds credibility and provides the funding to make it easy for senior managers to approve the following steps.
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    They've been partnered with thinkorswim for a long time.

    In the end, what do you think? Is it possible to teach thousands and thousands and more thousands of people to become successful traders?
  6. I don't know if thousand and thousands want to spend tens of thousands on investing (and trading?) education. I could be wrong.

    Now that ThinkOrSwim is part of TD Ameritrade, I'm beginning to have my doubts that they TOS will be able to maintain their dynamic and bad-boy image. I've already been put on hold on three things I wanted to do with TOS while they await decisions from TDA.