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  1. Has anyone tried InvestorFLIX and is it any good?
  2. erd0c


    Just stumbled onto the website.
    Interested in knowing if anyone has view/used the service.

  3. Tried it a year ago. Not worth it at all. The videos are mostly taken at seminars in the 90s and some in the 80s. Poor quality and very little info. Turn around time was about 2 weeks to get new videos. If you like infomercials and have lots of patience you might like it.
  4. vmaxx


    They had a free trial that I tried. I would say about half of the CDs / DVDs stopped half way through viewing them. I tried computers & dvd player - they crashed on all of them. They were recordings of seminars without the handout material. The site had other users score of the sessions. I only sampled the highest rated CDs and they were still pretty bad.