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  1. P&L of a realized, or unrealized nature---and the tax consequences of those results, is that what you mean?
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  2. rather than simply offering (guys like "optional777) the 'right' to start a "forum" entitled LT investing,

    I'm gone

    no offense but this guy wants the ET concept to change just for him... wants to make this just another garden-variety investor B.S. website where a bunch of know-nothing talking heads.. can gather and shoot off their mouths about DOW 20K or NAZ 500!

    I want to associate with guys who understand the markets... know how to trade it and/or are trying learn (more)! I always felt it was better to get market advice from a real good trader any day... rather than some talking head-cnbc- investment-advisor-type.

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  3. Well, my plan is to start with a forum for investments, then slowly eradicate any talk of trading. I want to turn ET into an investor site only, so live in fear that you might be "polluted" by talk of rabid investors...
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  4. to be hard on you guy. Got retirement monies like anyone else; I trade it and utilize options techniques to hedge, preserve and leverage.

    It's just that so many financial "investment" sites attract uninformed YHOO! types and then it breaks down, and nobody benefits. That's all I was implying. Besides... position trading isn't intra-day and doesn't have to be a week or month... could be longer.

    Like noted, Buffett holds 'trades' for years.

    G'luck either way.
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  5. Barons comments sometime back about position trading.
    "Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts everyone.

    Although a position trading forum could be useful for some, my feeling is that it is beyond the scope of this site. My personal opinion is that position trading is really another term for intermediate term investing, which tends to focus a lot on the actual thing that's being traded (e.g. picking the next winning stock), instead of the art and/or mechanics of daily trading (which encompasses much more than just finding the next opportunity).

    Position Trading can be done by anyone with a brokerage account and delayed web-based quotes, so I fear that a position trading forum will inevitably draw a fresh batch of new traders searching for the "next winning pick", which is not the culture here.

    Elite Trader has been, and always will be, a site for day traders, preferably those who are doing it for a living, or aspire to do so. That is why the broker ratings on the site only features firms that offer real-time trading platforms, and why the software ratings only include real-time products, not delayed or end-of-day.

    If I intended on catering to the position trading crowd, I would not just give them a forum, but would almost certainly create a totally new site that gives them a community of their own, complete with product ratings, discussion forums, articles, and sponsors that are more relevant to their skills and interests. Now if there was enough interest in something like that, it would be something I would seriously consider.

    Thanks again for the feedback."
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  6. I have to agree with Baron. I thought about this also, and decided not to post much in the past.

    777 look at I think this is what you're looking for. You can get month old info without subscribing.

    If you are interested in creating a website, I'd be the first to sign up and post there. I do way more investing now than trading. For me, trading is something to do intraday to make money to invest with. I spend my time mainly in investing and I'd love to work with others to come up with great ideas on any board possible.
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