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  1. Baron,

    I know that ET is focused on the trading aspect of stocks and futures, but I think there is a value in longer term investing....say a bit longer than overnight...perhaps buy and hold for several years or more.

    How about a Forum on Investing, where we can talk about longer term trends and fundamentals.

    I am sure there a bunch of us who have money sitting in IRA's gathering dust, and to be able to put that money to "work" with longer term investments would be nice.

    What do you think?
  2. why don't you start one. it would be interesting. so far you have done nothing but criticize others. maybe time to put up or shut up.
    that said i think it is a good idea. scalping it only useful for smaller amounts of money. once you reach a certain point you have to think longer term.
  3. there are a zillion and one websites about investing...

    no offense but that has to be the dumbest suggestion I have read since I've been on ET... think you're in the wrong place, bro (optional777)

    Further.... WHY start a new forum and clog up the site, when you could have just as easily written an email to the administrator!?
  4. investments, r u talking about holding a stock that went against u? :D
  5. Why not just write an email to Baron?

    This way he can read the feedback of others, assuming the site is set up to provide ET members forums they are looking for.

    Am I in the wrong site?

    I don't think so, I think ET can encompass more than one way of trading/investing.
  6. A guy named Warren Buffet has done a bit of that from time to time.

    I know P2 has done that with success, as have others.
  7. Put or shut up?

    The problem with talking smack about long term investments, and I have seen the short term traders attack long term traders all the time, is that the decision making is based on fundamentals. You can be right on fundamentals, and sustain unrealized losses in the near term, and do quite well in the long run.

    Trading is about working for your money, investing is about having your money work for you.
  8. cheeks


    It does not matter what time frame you work in. Your P&L is the ONLY thing that matters.
  9. Not a chance. Look up in the left hand corner of this page; right between the red arrow that points South an the green one that points North it says elite TRADER! Trader, not Investor.

    So, unless Baron decides to open a sister site or something similar I guess your idea is SOL.

    BTW, 8200 is 'doable'.

  10. I am looking at the arrow. Does it say chit-chat? Let's eliminate chit-chat, and any other forum that doesn't exactly fit the criteria put forth by the name.

    Perhaps there is no need or demand for people to talk about investments. Maybe people are living trade to trade, and never "invest." I don't know. That is what this thread is about, an exploration on the idea of a forum about investing in stocks for a longer term "trade." After all, unless you plan to buy and hold until death, they are all trades. You hold for 1 second, or 10 years, there is still a buy/short and a sell/cover in volved. The difference in the time frames often has to do with the markets, and the situation of a trader. Personally, I believe in both short term trading and investing for the long run, that is why my long term money is in cash right now gathering dust....

    Maybe Baron would see the value of opening up the site to attract investors---maybe not, who could in turn be convinced to become traders. I don't know, it is really his site, his agenda, his service. I think it would be an enhancement, but just my opinion.

    I am certain that Don would love to have a forum to talk to "investors" about the value of investing.

    8200 is indeed "doable." What's another 5% or so to the downside before the next pump up?
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