Investment VS Debt

Discussion in 'Economics' started by myminitrading, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. So what is it that you do? whats your story?
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  2. GTS


    Apparently I just waste my time on ET threads.

    What more do you need to know about me?
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  3. Money is a tool..just like your trading platform....scanner....etc...

    Purchasing money and the costs involved should be considered.

    If you can make more money than the cost of it, I really do not see the point.

    Trading can be "Not Gambling"....

    Michael B.
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  4. Be careful not to make blanket statements about financial advisors. There are those who "understand" the financial world a bit differently than others. I know several who don't advocate buying a house at all. IMO, the only reason for a person of average means to buy a house is for the pride in home ownership. As a previous poster stated, your home is an expense. In fact, I would re-write your statement as, "the biggest expense most will ever incur, get it expense". For the most part it is a very poor investment.

    A house is mainly a good investment for those people for whom life insurance policies are good investments. IOW, those who don't have the discipline to save and need a forced savings vehicle, even if it pales in comparison to alternative investments.
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  5. You speak with such wisdom, what are you investing in?
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  6. I want to know are you a trader, an investor, or a vendor.
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  7. If you mean investing in the broadest sense of the word, I "invest" in:

    Indices (mainly S&P)
    Closed-End Funds
    Some Fixed Income Securities
    and I have a 401K
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  8. Oh, do you trade ES or SPY
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  9. Both, but I haven't traded SPY for over 6 months.
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  10. I dont invest in stocks and only trade the Dow mini. Today was a good day for me.
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