Investment in telecommunication companies?

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  1. Why telecommunication companies around the world, in general, have low PE, high dividend yield? (Verizon, Nippon, …). I understand that historically they underperformed S&P500, but is there another reason why they might be a value trap?
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    Because they have matured, their businesses have stabilized & their services became a commodity (Just like Electric Utilities) and they are also heavily regulated, so they don't have much to do in terms of growth.

    In business terms, they have turned into "Cash Cows", you don't expect them to generate huge growth but you would expect an excellent amount of cash generation & distribution.

    Also this industry is very intensive in Capex (Capital Expenditure), so you don't expect competitors to enter this market easily and grab some market share, won't happen.
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  3. El Trado

    El Trado

    Elon Musk’s Starlink could possibly send a lot of then to the bankrupcy courts
  4. Not very quickly I think...I might use Starlink at my mountain home (lucky to get 5/1 mbps), but they have a long way to go to get my city business (400-500mbps up and down with low latency).

    Also much of the legacy business is tied to mobile (not Starlink yet, if ever).
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    Telcos peaked during the 3G hype. They died during the 3G roll out.
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    Take AT&T or Verizon...Look how many union employees they have...
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