Investment gurus got annihilated in the last 12 months

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  2. .......from guru to doo-doo. It even applies to the guy at the very bottom of that list......:cool:
  3. How are these returns calculated? I guess via quarterly holdings published by the SEC. Very inaccurate information and it doesn't include bond/debt positions as far as I know.
  4. Bill Miller ..what a joke
  5. Even I did better than that .
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    They are all value investors, it's the wrong climate for that I guess.....
  7. web 2.0 communities all did better than that. Exactly as decision making theory would predict. An expert opinion is NOT superior to the aggregate opinion of enthusiasts. We all face the same uncertainty.

    An individual can also do much better because they don't have to remain compliant. We generally move less size and face less slippage and liquidity constraints. We don't have forced diversification or style classes.
  8. with savings of 0% and high unemployment and decline in unions. there is less money going into mutual funds.

    baby boomers are retiring so they start withdrawing from their IRA to maintain pre-retirement lifestyle.

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