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    I am looking for a good investment forum. Especially for venture capital, private equity and private placements. Is there any webside with high quality content? I have checked some forums but they were mostly trash or without any traffic. Would be glad for any help.
  2. You're playing with fire. Even the most brilliant traders I know have lost their asses when trying VC deals. (Myself included)

    Very Very low chance of any success here. Sorry, can't help you with any sites, just this friendly warning.

    However...If you're asking about hedgefunds, your odds are much improved compared to VC deals. I'd recommend:
  3. Rearden Metal:

    Why there are still so many asses playing the VC? :confused:
  4. Oh, I'm not saying that VC investors are fools, or anything like that. I can see the lure of raw capitalism in helping create or expand a business, where the sky is the limit... Some experienced VC firms do make money. I'm just saying that VC deals, for anyone without a <b>very</b>extensive background in the area, is a trap. A trap that I've watched ensnare even the biggest genius I've ever met.

    Tread very carefully on this one, I'm speaking from experience here.
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    @Rearden Metal:

    Thanxxs for the hedgefunds-link! May you like to tell me more about your VC-experience? Are you from the US or Europe?
    But of couree you are right - VC wasn´t that field to be the last years. But aren´t you thinking that people have done their (painful) homework, right now? That would be an interesting question to talk about...
  6. I live near Chicago. Some of the VC deals that the big name genius trader I referred to had already collapsed on him in the late 90's, when the economy was still booming. Human nature does not change, and I'm sure alot of people with new money will look to invest some of it in VC. Over 95% of them will get burned and learn their lesson... Then new fish come in to their place and the cycle repeats.

    Also, if hedge funds do interest you, I'd strongly advise sticking to funds with at least 5 years of consistant, strong performance and high AUM. My best hedge fund investment has been Perceptive Life Sciences (Edelman), doubling my capital over the past three years.
  7. I take it back tlojek, I just looked at your other posts, and in fact you're not playing with fire at all.

    Why? You've got no seed capital of your own, and probably not even 10% of minimum accredited investor status net worth. Am I right or am I right?

    I'm not knocking you for not being rich, but a little newborn foal should not be trying to run onto the track at the Kentucky Derby to run with all the three year old champion thoroughbreds.
  8. Rearden Metal:

    What are the % returns p.a of those profitable VC? Do you think they would be better off playing futures/options? I am not only talking about the situation now but also in the 80s and 90s.

  9. Sorry, don't have any figures...but it's alot like the lottery. A miniscule minority of players hit the jackpot. A few more players win a more modest amount, and the vast majority of players are net losers. Maybe someone else here has more detailed information?
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    Rearden Metal,

    I am asking because we have a very specific situation here in Europe. Ever heard of "Basel 2"? We are going to have very restrictive guidelines for banks and investment-institutions for their investments and credits by new laws from the European Union. That´s why we will see growing demand for risk capital here. That´s an interesting situation and I like to watch the developement.

    Of course you are right: I am not an investor and no Kentucky Derby. But without a roadmap never find Kentucky and have an impression what´s going on there.

    VC/PE in Germany is mostly organized as fund of funds. And mostly PE for magagements buy in / buy out for midcaps from the old industrial sector. Only small part of these funds are involved in early stage or start ups. Not many "hot" technology companies here.
    Germany loves it clear and saftey. Especially after the sharp fall of the "Neue Markt" - that was the German Nasdaq. It felt form nearly 9000 Points to 900 Points. And with it many, many money for retirement-plans.

    Thanks for your Hedge Funds Infos! I will take defently a look at it. Growing demand for Hedge Funds here too. But: gouverment is working for a lot of ristictve guidelines for Hedge Funds, too. Welcome to Germany!!
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