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  1. This is the firm who is valuing the 29 billion collateral to the Feds.

    This Firm has stated that the collateral cannot be liquidated short term to realize the recovery of the laon plus interest.

    A fox in a chicken coup (I know the spelling) is fun to watch.

    Like fluttrader thes guys should be lurking with their mouths shut and listening. The waffle begins on page 2.

    I know this post is untrammeled to some. In fact, it is fully trammelled.

    I stand by my projection of the seven legs for 2008. This is the midpoint to end of leg 2. As projected, leg 1 ended on the date cited in the OP's attachment.

    There are two trammels in my projection: symmetry and the Power Law regarding the ratio of longs to shorts.
  2. I have no idea what that all meant, but Doll makes a lot of good sense when putting the economy and its impact on the equitites market in perspective. I enojy reading his commentary each week.
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    Translation: I am saying the bottom is in as that will reduce the chances of you pulling your assets when your Q1 statement of LOSSES hits the mail. We get paid on fees so what is most important is that you don't pull your assets.

    He forgot to mention that the two bottoms were aided by 75BP cuts......................................

    In 1929 the newspapers were full of ads from "Unit Trusts" saying that wise investors hold for the long pull and don't pay attention to short term volatility. There was a bottom in all the way down to 1932. The same tactic is used by stock manipulators to influence the suckers into not selling.

    Unit Trusts" lost so much of their investors money they had to be renamed as "Mutual Funds" to be marketed again (to a fresh crop of suckers).
  4. Actually I needed a translation of Mr. Hershey's writings, not Mr. Doll's. Thanks anyway.
  5. Excellent commentary. I also listen to every weekend. I'll add this to the list, thanks.

    lololol what did HE say?!?!>
  6. What, specifically, are the seven legs, Jack?

    Do you also stand by your projection that Eliot Spitzer will be president?

  7. LOL!!!!!!!! I was wondering what he meant by the seven legs, but was afraid of the answer.:confused:

    Spitzer for President? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D That one made my side ache:D :D
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