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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lately, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I have a system that yields great results.
    I have enough proof to validate the system's claims.
    I have everything in order and ready to go.

    I just need capital.

    I was speaking with a colleauge who is also a trader. He has a system and was talking about a contact he has that has given him a small account to forward trade his system on. This man has raised a little over 10 figures in the past few years for funds such as this. I doubt I can get the name of this guy out of him, so where do I start?

    Assuming I'd have EVERYTHING someone raising capital for a company like this wanted, where would I go? I did the sales thing... I'm not looking for any small investments; I'm looking to move this into a much larger operation and just need a little help.

    If someone has a contact I would really appreciate it. I'd also appreciate some information on how these guys make money. % of the fund, or whatever...

    Thank you
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    Trade the smallest size you can, get rated by the hedge fund tracking companies. The money will find you if you are good.
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    One thing I've been trying to avoid is specifically opening up a hedge fund. I really haven't had the time into looking at legal entities and structure. Can a regular corporation be involved or something like this or would it definitely have to be a standard hedge fund?
  4. How long are you usually in a position. Is your system automatically traded?
  5. I checked into it a little and if all your investors are within the same state a lot of SEC rules do not apply. If there are only a few investors then some rules do not apply either. Corporation, schedule c so capital grows without being taxed until someone withdraws it.

    I have to reasearch this some more.
  6. Even if you are trading through a corp, you have to pay taxes on your earnings each year.
  7. How they can find out about your performance for you to get
    ranked? i mean are there services in any way that cater to
    smaller account holders?
  8. enter a realtime contest ... trade away ... win the contest or place in the top 3 ... get noticed ...

    good luck

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    No one here knows of any contacts who do this for a living?