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  1. I am currently in the final round of interviews for an operation analyst position at a top five investment bank. I was wondering if this position could help me attain a position on a trade desk in the future or if this job is a dead end.


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    go to and ask this question.

    The majority of people at this forum may know somebody who experienced your situation, but have never been there themselves.

    Folks at wilmott are different. You'll be surprised by how informative their responses will be. (education seems to make a difference, especially with respect to even having a chance to be in your situation, something most members of this forum don't have or take pride in not having).

    Good luck.
  3. Whats an "operation analyst"? Back office or the standard IB analyst?

    The rule of thumb is that you either go IB or sales desk on Wall Street. Very hard to switch unless you find good friends in high places.

  4. complete dead end
    once you are in operations or middle office thats it.
  5. either you are in the front office or you are in the mail room.
    on the plus side, there are alot of females in operations and alot of them are pretty good looking and not out of your league. the women who land the trading assistant jobs are all smoking hot but they tend to be out of your league unless you are a trader or banker.

    and once again, do not take an operations job unless you want to think about committing suicide everyday that you are on the job.
  6. Sad but true!

  7. i really would reconsider your priorities.
    at a top 5 bank you have less than 1% chance of becoming a trader or even a sales trader, these spots are filled with top mba graduates. if it was a smaller bank especially a European one, you might have a shot if they like you.
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    Am I getting this right, people are actually considering hooking up with co=workers? Talk about digging your grave twice!

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    Never Hook up with CoWorkers AMEN. Only desperate people who dont have the balls to go out in the real world and find a girlfriend will date at work. Whats next get a new job and a new wife?

  10. I just got word from the IB that they would like to put me in the Listed Derivative and Options Group where I would work with external institutional clients. They also said it would take three to five years to get on the trading desk, unless you were some genius from an Ivy League school (I am from a top five public school). In the mean time, I have just received an offer to be a Junior Trader from a major commodities company. I was wondering which job you would take and why?


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