Investing without touching the principle?

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  1. Besides investing in money market funds, what's the best way to invest without touching the principle?

    For instance, you have about $8 million and would like to invest about $6 million of it with little or no risk or without touching the principle. do you think investing in money market funds or investing in precious metals the right thing to do?
  2. treasury free @ 5% interest = 300k per year. You can live nicely on that + you dont have to pay taxes.
  3. If you want ZERO RISK.

    Go to

    open an account there, you can set up a schedule to auto-buy 4 week t-bills every 4 weeks, no commissions or anything.

    This is as zero risk as it gets, i mean, granted, you might have a tiny interest rate risk if rates get hiked, but when the time to maturity is only 4 weeks, the effect will be minimal.

    It's also very liquid, since you can cash out within 4 weeks, or if you REALLY need the money in a pinch, you can sell the t-bill for a small commission.
  4. If you REALLY want zero risk, then go long the Zimbawe dollar. The bad news is already in. I personally guarantee you returns of Hersheyesque proportions.