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    i have a general question for traders. what do you do with your profits for the year? Do you invest in mutuals, 401k, or do you pick some of your own long term investments. i am still in undergrad, but was just thinking about this, and wondered what professional traders do in the long run with there profits and savings. just curious.
  2. After buying a SL600 and redecorating my duplex on CPW, I put away little last year for investment. I do try to keep a chunk in my checking account though, so most months I am able to pay my utility bill.
  3. Should have waited till 04' on the SL. A couple of friends have the 04' on order. It's gonna be a beast....V12 Twin-Turbo!

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    Super, where do you live?


    From 99-01 I put large portions into my IRA, Money market accts, CD's, Treasuries, Bonds, and stock.

    Now I'm putting a big chunk into hard money loans (Construction, Real Estate, Foreclosures). Great returns (8-12 times what a savings or money market acct would be yielding).

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    I'm surprised that this hasn't been mentioned to date. Contrary to most careers, trading is one field in which your level of profits is often related to your level of capitalization. A trader with a $2k account will never make as much as a trader with a $20k or $200k or $2MM account.

    My trading profits have gone almost exclusively towards increasing my capitalization, and paying taxes. As a result, my capitalization is now over five times what it was 18 months ago and my average monthly profits have increased substantially as a result.

    At some point, I plan to invest a little of my profits into real estate, but for now, I would much prefer to continue increasing my trading size.

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    You better to invest this profits in other fields or countries
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    Since I'm a trader by profession all my investments are managed by me. I invest idle cash not needed for maintenance margins in Tbills. Other than that, if I'm looking to invest money I just transfer it to my trading account. I own no stock, bonds, mutual funds, or rental property. If I reach a time where I can't beat bond yields + 5% then I'll start investing in triple tax free muni bonds.
  9. I use corporate money market funds: GM, Caterpillar, Ford, & GE. Interest currently averages 2.5%. Looking for long term better than reits & bonds. Suggestions...
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    2.5% after taxes and inflation is almost the same as putting cash under your mattress.
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