Investing tools today--what is missing?

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  1. projomni


    Wanted to see if you guys have any thoughts on what's missing among investment tools today?

    Are there things you wish you had but you don't have?

    For me, the biggest issue is complexity...

    Here are my wishes:

    1. Would love to have an alerts app that tells me when a stock or ETF drops xx% from the peak (or rebounds yy% from the bottom);

    2. Would love to have a visual scanner of all returns for different strategies (e.g., bond vs. foreign equity vs. US vs. commodity vs. country-specific ETFs).

    Right now I can get to all of this, just requires manual computing + some charting.

    What tools do you wish you had that are not in existence today?

    Personally I love Tableau for visualization... so I'm using it in conjunction with my spreadsheets.

    I'm seriously thinking about building tools that will simplify investment research and processes.

    Have any wishes? Shoot me a note.
  2. themickey


    How do you apply Tableau to your investing / trading?
    Me personally, prefer data results rather than visualization, you say you like the visualization aspect?
  3. projomni


    I run my own spreadsheets and then apply Tab to visualize.

    Raw numbers is OK if you're doing for yourself. But imagine you have clients. Like retail clients. How do you demonstrate your points then?
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  4. themickey


    Generally speaking, my experience, in the trading world, most instruments - futures, stocks, indexes, etf's, etc are represented in chart form already, heaps of web sites and trading software default this way as you will be aware.
    The problems with charts, they need to be visually accessed one at a time.
    Data spreadsheets allows for the access of multiple instruments simultaneously, eg, I can compare, which is more difficult with charts.
    Anyhow thanks for raising the thread, I was interested to know how Tableau was applied in trading and it appears that it turns data into charts.
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  5. Peter8519


    To be profitable in this trade is hard aka never easy. Even with all the tools one can mastered.
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