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  1. Can any one give me the tips for investing?
  2. yes - free tips are worth what you pay for them.
  3. Write things down.
  4. BSAM


    Study charts for 3 to 5 years.
  5. Buy low sell high
  6. Pretty good list started here, I hope he took my advice and is writing this down.
  7. charts


    Search for "Jack Hershey", "spydertrader", PVT, SCT, ... :)
  8. "Buy on the outskirts and wait"


    Investing is summed up into 3 main precepts:

    1) Accumulation - Foundation
    2) Liquidy - CashFlow
    3) Speculation - Discovery

    Everyone does them.
    Even the guy who pumps gas.
    He has accumulated his clothing and body mass, has consumed what is required to work to get more and had the sense to look for a job. (Fulfilling the 3 precepts of investing.)

    Use liquidity to build accumulation, then speculate how to improve each of those categories. [I expect that is why you are here]

    Investors are heavier on accumulation style speculation. Traders are heavier on liquidity style speculation.

    The trend is your friend.

    Markets that are not currently overtly affected by unknown and external traumatic trend will revert to equilibrium.

    Get very good at the basics till you make a solid stream of moneys.

    Protect your capital.

    Use good money management.

    There ... these are stupid simple ... but they are huge and critical to perfect.

    The big mistakes are usually failing one or more of the basic rules.
  9. Having few millions to start is always a good advice.
  10. run as far away from this suggestion as possible. Even jack and company don't know how to make money. But he is good at 30 paragraph theory rambles
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