Investing in Whiskey?

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  1. Does it mean that people are drinking now more whiskey?

    Is alcohol a good investment?

    Checkt this short video:
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    Very difficult to invest in Whisky. 9 years ago I bought a barrel of Bruichladdich Scotch Whisky (200ml) which included 10 years of storage. Now that it one year away from bottling, the cost of bottling, label , taxes and other fees make the cost to the end user to expensive. The wholesale cost of the whisky has almost doubled sine I bought it. I will most likely sell it back to the distillery next year.

    The problem now is that you can't buy these barrels any more. That distillery was closed for years so had excess production to sell. There is a shortage of aged whisky now so most production is either pre-sold or held by the distillery.

    I did get to taste a sample a few times but it was difficult to get them to mail it to the US.

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    i suppose this thread in the right place since you are referring to stocks of whiskey:D otherwise it would belong in some other forum.
  4. DEO is a good one in that catagory target on DEO is $144.00. Started following this in NOV. 2012 at about $114.00 currently at $121.64, it is a slow mover.
  5. I agree that investing in whisky might be difficult, however it is becoming more popular not only among enthusiasts. More and more investors are convinced to buy Whisky barrels or collectibles bottles spending a lot of money and hoping they can make some money out of it. I have never invested in any kind of alcohol but I was interested who have. Comments about investing in whisky are all over the media, and I was wondering what it is all about. Why for instance Chines buy bottles for hundreds thousands of dollars that cannot even pronounce the name of the winery?
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    Alcohol companies never seem like a terrible investment to me. There’s always such a broad market for it and well… it’s totally recession proof because what do people do when they learn they’re out of a job… bottom’s up! It may sound ultra mean but it’s a cold, hard truth. Kinda like how colleges report higher enrollment during a downturn.
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    I agree with Gyles! Alcohol makers usually have steady business throughout different cycles. I for one, like to invest in BF.B, the parent company of Jack Daniels, Finlandia, SoCo, etc. I think like KO or PEP, long term, drink makers with international presences are worth taking a look at for owning.
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    too good information
  9. I just polished off my last drop of Highland Park last night.

    I'm looking to invest in another single malt, maybe from Islay this time.
  10. wouldnt you rather just trade with the money you put in to buying a barrel of whiskey?
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