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  1. nicbizz


    With all the hype and talk on 3D tech these days, does anyone have ideas as to which company are direct plays into the industry (this would exclude the conglomorates like Sony, Samsung, etc.)

    So far, I've only managed to identify 3: DLB, IMAX and BTN.
  2. I'm Long IMAX @$14.55

    Avatar franchise uses IMAX. Plus imax is expanding heavily into Asia. IMO, 3d will get its biggest boom in asia anyway. I plan on selling 1/2 when it gets into the mid 20's.
  3. Jamie1984


    I believe 3D will take of soon as most manufacturers have already started to incorporated 3D technology into their flagship sets, consumers who just want the very best 2D image quality will end up buying sets that also happen to do 3D. Manufacturers are also including 2D to 3D conversion as standard too, such as DDD groups Tridef technology on Samsung 3DTV's.

    The gaming industry is also due to release 3D consoles, the new Nintendo 3DS is due out soon. The Nintendo 3DS has a unique 3D screen that can be viewed without glasses, as shown in this link:

    This screen is rumoured to be made by Sharp Corporation as they hold patents for this kind of technology:

    The new call of Duty game due to be released November 9th 2010 will be released in 3D.
    The current Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Become the best selling game of all time:

    Below is a link for a review of the new game in 3D:
    {'Once we'd shown people, the top comment I got was 'Now I've gotta go buy a 3D TV'}

    In addition to the TV and gaming industry, 3D will also be available on mobile phones next year; this is the same technology as the Nintendo 3DS screen:
  4. +1 long imax
  5. blowout earnings from IMAX. Hopefully we'll see the $20's today !