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  1. just wanted to see if anyone has an experience of getting investing capital for middle size intraday trading account ($50.000 - $100.000)
    I understand the safest method here is to keep saving to be in a possition of loosing your own :)
    but how about those unpatience once of us , what do they suposed to do ? :)
    thanks for helping guys
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    Two options: A rich uncle or a proprietary firm.

    And only use the rich uncle if you don't want him to ever speak to you again. That's because you WILL lose money in the beginning (and maybe the ending as well) and family members just don't understand this. It takes a special temperment for someone to allow you to trade their money. They absolutely must understand that they may never get that money back. A better way to go here is to find a trader who is willing to bankroll you. They understand the risks, but are very hard to find.

    The second option is your best chance. There are several great threads on this site that discuss proprietary firms and how they operate.

    There is no quick and easy way to do it. As with all other things in trading, only hard work and perseverence will lead you to success, and even that's not a given.

    Good luck,

  3. I used to be a broker hence some experience with 'raising
    capital'. Answer - NO WAY !
    The idea is this; those who have funds are tighter than the
    'nuns dodaa', and assumably are also not stupid !!! If you
    have a few years of track record (audited and verifed)
    than it's a bit different. You can get a 20-50k from a
    guy who is worth eight figures easy.
  4. First off, I don't think you're looking for investing capital but trading capital. If you plan to trade intraday then that's not investing.

    You seem interested to raise capital to start trading on your own. Now, I'm assuming you want to go it alone and not a be a propietary trader. If you are a beginner you don't need much, start with $7k-$10 in capital, get IB as a broker and sign up with a chatroom like Mtrader, Pristine, etc so you can learn how to trade.

    If you are desparate to trade with such a large account ($50k -$100k) and want to go for broke (because you are setting yourself up for failure), take out cash advances on your credit cards, get a home equity loan with a lien on your house, sell the car so you wont go anywhere, or get married and sell your spouses stuff. I wouldn't do any of these and would highly suggest you don't.

    When you trade you also have to think about keeping costs down. You have to be not only aware of the revenue you generate but also the costs which both make up a good business. To trade with $50k-$100k you have to earn that through experience. Start out small with $10k, and if you are good like most experienced traders, you will have your $50k-$100k in no time.
  5. thanks greydeath101,
    I was hoping somebody would assure me in being more pation than greedy.
    So thank you again, I needed to hear it :)

    good trading for you all folks !