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    Has anybody out there made a go of the education from" Invest Tools". I talking about somebody that's signed up to be a Master's student or a PHD student. I know they parade out the one's that are supposed to have made it at the event seminars. I asking about the one's that are going about their business with out fanfare. Are you out there if so, please give me some of your success stories. Thank you
  2. Ray - I attended their two-day seminar a year or so ago. I didn't sign up for additional training, but a friend who also went did. Not the PHD - she spent $5K for 'basic options'. The two of us were trying to learn together, so we viewed the on-line training together on her login. It was way too basic to be worth anything near the $5K she spent. She was very disappointed.

    I enjoyed the original seminar if only because it really got me motivated to start learning to trade. I am still trying to learn, and have spent a lot of time navigating the world of people who want to take your money and give you little in return. Although I spent about $1,200 on the Investools seminar with 6 months of access to their site, I don't feel bad about that. As I said, it started me down a path that I have developed a passion for. To me, that was worth the money.

    Now, I look for stuff that is free or very low cost - books, videos, etc. There is plenty of information out there if you look for it - but you have to commit the time. I think all the people who want you to pay to learn are just trying to capitalize on the natural desire to have it now. You can't get there 'now' with trading. Learning takes time - but is worth it.
  3. Ray I'd suggest to do a search on an Investools thread since there are quite a few posted already.

    I started my trading career with Investools and they were pricy but taught me a lot about stocks and options like techincal analysis and fundamental analysis using their Investor Toolbox technology which pretty much rated the best fundamentally sound companies that met Investools criteria.
  4. I 've bought quite a number of Investools courses covering Technical Analysis , Options , Currecy Trading plus the Stock Trading . Agreed with members here, it was way too costly .