invest in european options only ?

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  1. cpphey


    Hi, I have looked at schwab streetedge and Interactive Brokers and I cannot find the functionality to buy European options ? Can someone point out a platform where you can find these ?

    I know there are many options exchanges, but I tried looking EUROPEAN options on CBOE website but could not find any ?

    I read this and see only some options are European
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  2. Robert Morse

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    European style options or options on European stocks? All cash settled index options on the CBOE are European style options without early exercise. E.G SPX.

    To my knowledge, all equity options and options ETFs on US Listed exchanges are American style options.
  3. cpphey


    Any exchange in the world where we can find European style options ? Reason I ask American options can be exercised at anytime, right ?
  4. Robert Morse

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    If you are looking for European style options on US equities, that is not what is offered. There are European style options on broad based cash settled index options and VIX.

    If this is a larger account, I believe CBOE FLEX options can be European style. We do not offer FLEX.
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  5. cpphey


    Thanks @Robert Morse . Since you have great experience, which trading tool would you recommend for the following. Below is a well thought out list so if I can please give your expertise on each point, would appreciate it :)

    I am looking for:
    1. charting
    2. tick by tick live data
    3. historical data (to some extent)
    4. and analysis i.e. different option strategies where I can do "what-if" analysis ? what-if means, I can change future stock prices, vol surfaces etc. Its a pretty broad concept
  6. Robert Morse

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    We offer Lightspeed Trader, Sterling Trader Pro, Realtick, LVX and CBOE Silexx.

    #1. Charting (Options or stocks?) All do Stocks. I know Realtick also charts options. Not sure about the others.
    #2. tick by tick live data- Time and sales or something else? For Options? Please be more specific of what you need and what you will do with it. They all show live prices.
    #3. historical data. Realtick does. LVX has historical VOL data.
    #4. Silexx can do this. Maybe LVX, not sure.

    Email me if you want to talk tomorrow.

  7. FSU


    Except OEX which is American.
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  8. Robert Morse

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  9. TommyR


    lol if i have a european cash settled call on vix can i sell a european cash settled put and cash settled forward (aka sell call buy put at the money) or would that be american style ?
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  10. Sig


    Any idea on the history of why they offer both on that index, just out of curiosity?
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