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Discussion in 'Trading' started by justatrade, May 5, 2007.

  1. I'm pretty decent in overall Trend plays and not to aggressive. I have seen some great traders along my way. Just plan your money and manage safely.

    6 Month Plays we are to buy.

    PFE , trend looks like buyer interest is there, and it pays a dividend

    Cost Basis $$ 26.80 target $32

  2. Oh, that and try to pump 200B cap stocks... I guess people really do believe this is 1999 already..
  3. I dont think anyone here can even attempt to pump PFE. Anyone know what a 200b stock is?
  4. mde2004


    yea, 200B is the market cap, in simple terms it's 200000000000.
  5. and this means? I am not getting it?


  6. EXACTLY. U want to invest for a living and u don't even know what market capitalization means ?

    Time for you to hit the books to get the basics down first.
  7. He started off talking about "Pumping a stock", Only thing I said was PFE was a good buy.


    Well , lets watch and see
  8. If they print enough money even the 200b stocks can go higher.