invest 25k return 50k in 3 month

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  1. private program
  2. I can do much better

    invest 5$ make a million, in 18 days.
  3. i have my own company registered in swiss and usa this company got many ways to win money right now i got in one account 200k in swiss there is block my account and i need money to start other company to win again is easy thats what i call private program to recovery my money back thats simple and really i dont have money a this time to start again.
  4. styron


    Prince Mbutu Boto?
  5. theres is just for people can get the power to move money per 3 month and return back with out any problem. im serious and work hard there is simple this is good business.

    best regards
  6. Yes yes lets ''invest'' money with someone who is broke. very good idea. if i give you 25 cent do i get 75 cents back in 3 months? thats all i would entrust you with
  7. im not joke is serious business

    thank you

  8. ok i will invest with you, i guess i need to wire the money through western union in nigeria?
  9. it not about 25cent im just need 25k to start my business and win 200k again so can i give you 50k its much better to wait for other complex options

    thank you

  10. so where shall i send my 25 000$?

    western union --> nigeria?
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