Inverted Yield Curve

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  1. Everyone is down playing this, the inversion is getting worse. Here we sit with massive deficits, an inverted yield curve.

    My gosh what a mess we have.

    Tax the rich
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    Is it not a thing to be grateful for? If long rates were higher then wouldn't financing those deficits be rather more difficult?

    Apologies if I am missing something.
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    You need to watch CNBC. Somehow this is a good thing(tm) and its different this time. How insightful!
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    Well we don't get CNBC in the UK. I realise that I am probably missing something, so please explain why things would be better for you lot if all else were unchanged and the yield curve spontaneously steepened 100bps 2s-30s.
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  6. TYX 4.71, TNX 4.617, FVX 4.607, UST2YR 4.77.

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    NOVEMBER 13.

    The yield curve became more inverted this week, with the negative differential between the 3-month and the 10-year at -49 basis points and a -76 basis point differential between the 10-year and the Feds fund rate. According to a Fed paper, that level of an inversion suggests there is now an over 40% probability of recession next year. This same model only predicted a 50% chance of recession in 2000, and as the paper authors acknowledge, the model probably understates risk in recent decades.
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    market continues to trade higher even though the threat of a recession is quite possible in 2007.
  9. IRX 4.96