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    "Hello, I apologize if this question has already been answered. Can you reverse the y axis on ninja charts. ex) price goes up on regular y axis 50.50 to 50.75 if y axis were reversed price would go down from 50.50 to 50.75. Theoretically the chart has no bottom as there is no upside cap to price, but chart has a top as price can go to 0. Any info would be much appreciated."

    I noticed this question on ninjatrader forums, and thought it was interesting. Does anyone know if any charting software offers this?
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    sorry couldnt resist

    inverse the y axis shouldnt be to hard
    in most charting software's this could by done by creating an
    own inverted symbol, think something like

    myhigh = 5000 - high
    mylow = 5000 - low etc..

    this way you turn all candles upside-down which in some
    cases isnt bad for a discretionair trader to view candles in
    that order

    im not sure about how to do it in ninja tough

    it will get complicated if you wish to show price on x-axis
    but your wish should be possible i guess