Inverse Winners: SQQQ UVXY TZA

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by KCalhoun, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. KCalhoun

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    Made $ today in inverses, eg i bought sqqq 20.7

    bears back?

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  2. Well played. I should have bought SQQQ this morning but I was all neggy over losing "some" money in TSLA. I think it is maybe gonna find support at $400 but I won't bet on it just yet. Anyway the last couple days, probably today, and maybe tomorrow it is picnic day for bears, especially in NASDAQ. BTW BYND was up almost 6% in the first 15 minutes today. Interesting. And like most BYND spikes like that, a good opportunity in there for a short play.

    I honestly think Monday will be pretty bullish, though maybe not as much as last week. The millennials and Robinhooders are going to be in shock for a few weeks I think.
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  3. S2007S


    Going to be an interesting close. Possibly they can run the nasdaq down 1000 points by close
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  4. Are you looking at some charts or just guessing?
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  5. KCalhoun

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    Good points, CCL DAL also early gainers.

    I'm getting back into inverses finally again for swings IF they close above prior days high and s&p closes under pd low every day.

    Today is the strongest selloff day in a long time.... question is whether we're reversing finally or just a pullback
  6. S2007S


    Charts? Did charts suggest a 3000+ point run in the nasdaq?

  7. I'm in, CCL, long 400 shares. Looks promising between now and the holidays, and maybe after the new year through Easter.
  8. lindq


    SOXS. Yeah, baby!
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  9. KCalhoun

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    The thing to remember is how fast and brief selloffs can be..... if selling accelerates next week I'll be trading inverses hard, UVXY TZA SQQQ SPXS SRTY LABD SOXS
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  10. S2007S


    Would be interesting to see if selling accelerates but we all kmow these selloffs last 2 days maybe 3 days maximum. Nothing more. Next week this selloff will have been forgotten
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