Inventive Recipes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IDtenT_Error, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I have already shared my perfect lobster/ clam pizza idea on a different thread. I would like to start a thread on inventive recipes. I do not enjoy cooking at all, but may have to actualize some of my crazy recipe ideas. Besides, cooking and chef shows are all the rage now. I'm sure there are some trendy traders out there with dreams of opening a restaurant and maybe they have some unique recipes.

    I am biased towards bacon. Emeril is right when he says pig fat makes everything taste better. It might even work in icecream :)
  2. Calamari cheese sticks.

    My idea is to hollow the body of the squid and stuff it with mozzarella, seal it with a toothpick, bread and fry in the traditional manner. It would be served with marinara sauce. I will try this out in as soon as I can get to the bait store.
  3. I should have time to cook the calamari cheese sticks on Thursday. I will let people know the results. I need to consult with a coworker on the cooking strategy. The marinara will have to be supermarket purchased although I intend to buy high quality cheese. The cheese does not have to be mozzarella. I am open for suggestions.

    Also, does anyone have an awesome hush puppies recipe? My favorite seafood restaurant recently closed.
  4. I think they made Bacon Ice-Cream on an episode of Iron Chef America. :D