Invasion of the Stock Hackers

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    Anyone know of a program that scans for that type of activity or will a normal AV scan pick it up?

    Another reason never to keep all funds with one broker.
  2. Didnt know abt the $100k minimum. I bet people with less than $100K would be willing to pay for enrollment in the security program.
  3. One thing people must remember is to never respond to a html form sent in an email.

    If you sign up for DSL now, you will get equipment that will automatically put you behind a firewall and proxy you to a home network (that is you won't be exposed directly to the internet). This offers a fair level of protection.

    Change your passwords periodically.

    Do not sign up for electronic transfers from your account. Use paper checks only to disburse money from your account.
  4. Unfortunately many of these bad programs won't be picked up by a scan because you have accidentally given permission for these programs to be installed.

    In Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options>Advanced and clear the Enable Install on Demand boxes.

    Be careful about clicking OK on these dialog boxes that popup when you visit a web page. You might be giving permission to install something an not know it.
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    Only broker that seems to be afflicted with this is E*Trade. If I were an E*Trade customer I'd close every single account with them and move elsewhere. IB has a safeguard in that they will only transfer money to the account you initially set-up with. For the hackers to setup another bank account they'd need your phone number, email address and passwd, your IB account # and passwd. Ofcourse if you're doing everything from a compromised PC then they probably have all the info. imo the best safeguard is to quit browsing porn on your PC. :D
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